Ready set grind.

It is official I am switching to cash. This week was a blast even playing the little widdle stakes I was playing. I thought I would give a little what to do when switching from sngs or mtts to cash. This was my first week playing speed poker on ipoker.. well half a week November 13-17. I played about 13k hands 10k of them being during the lockdown this weekend. I had a lot of fun pushing myself to finish 10k hands in two days. I also have some really big leaks to fix. One being when I stop mid hand and say there is no way they have xx they have xx.

1. Get a good rakeback deal. Don’t play without rake back and bonuses. That means moving to smaller sites and finding a good affiliate that can get you a good rakeback deal.

2. Have a stop loss mine is 4 buyins. Take a break and recoup. If you can’t do this yourself get a program like Tiltbreaker.

3. Review your biggest loss hands. Not right after your session because you will insist that you played perfect and the villian got lucky.

4. Make volume goals and join in with communities that are running grind sessions. No one likes to fail publicly and by joining in on volume challenges you will push yourself to get in those hands. Kinda like having a personal trainer they push you just a tad further than you are comfortable with, making the rest of your workouts easy.

5. If you are not having fun. Don’t play. Life is to short to do things you don’t enjoy.

Here is my graph since moving to ipoker network in big blinds. The green line is before rakeback. The yellow line is including. This is to show you how important it is. It may make a losing day a break even day or a great day a better day. I am also getting a deposit bonus that is on-top of my rakeback and not included in the graph.


Goals this week.

A. Play 6k hands before the weekend.

B. Wake up early and start each day with a 20 minute Zumba workout.

C. Bring snacks to school. I keep buying stuff at break because I am so hungry. Yogurt and fruit and water with lemon or lime in it is perfect.

I also want to go and play in the WPT Montreal series. Not the main event but they some of the side events.

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