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I Am Stronger Because I Post

Every time I post I feel stronger, in control, motivated, but most importantly I feel hope. I normally post after I feel sad, not today! This last month has been amazing. From visits from my family, hosting a Halloween get together last night and working towards my goals. Every puzzle piece seems to be fitting into place even if I have to force it. I feel healthier, stronger, but most important I am happy.

My first weight loss challenge is almost over, with one week to go I have stopped losing weight the last little while. I am not sure if it is because I have been working out and have gained from that or if my diet is missing something. I am going to be working my ass off this next week, hoping to still make my goal. I guess it is time to step up that Cardio as well as going to my kickboxing class. I was fairly good with what I ate the last few weeks, but I could still improve on my healthy meals. 

Last night I hosted a Halloween Masquerade Party and had a well-deserved cheat day, even as a cheat day I still paid attention to what I was eating as I didn’t want to go crazy and ruin the work on myself that I have done.

Still being fairly new to Montreal and I don’t know that many people. This made it more important to me to share a fun night with the amazing friends that I have made so far here in Montreal. Halloween is my favorite time of the year and that made it the perfect time to invite them over.

WPT Montreal is coming to Playground Poker in November. I am looking forward to playing two side events. Event The Wild $150 with a 100k guaranteed and the $250 Frenzy a 200K guaranteed prize pool.

This next month my main focus is on my health, losing weight and getting toned. Secondary focus will be working on my PLO game and third will be a creative activity for my mind that is yet to be determined, any suggestions?

If anyone has some healthy tips to help me with my goals or PLO please share them with me or if you post about how blogging has helped you let me know so I can follow your blog.


I Lied Because Things Change.

The other day I said I was not going to make my goals public anymore. It is no big secret that I am a girl over 30 that struggles with weight that she gained and wants to get the body that is under this chub back. Mind you I don’t want to give it all back, I have a few bumps I’d happily keep.

Yesterday I started a new challenge, actually a bet. I joined a site called dietbet where people from all over put money in a pot with a goal to lose 4% of their weight in 28 days.This is a very public challenge that is posted on the internet for the world to see.

If I make my goal, I get money back. If not, I donated to people that deserve it more than I do.  Right now the pot is $195,270 for a $30 Bet / 6,501 Players. Diet bet does take out 25% of the pot at first that seemed high to me, but they have “No Lose Guarantee” meaning that if you win and lose money on the bet they will waive the fee so that you at least get your money back. That is cheaper than any weight loss program I’ve seen to date.

As someone that loves to win, this is perfect motivation for me. Tomorrow I go back to that kickboxing class I told you about a few posts ago and start getting my ass in gear.

This goal is only part of my goal. I have another part to my body image goal that I am also privately working towards. I hope in a few months I can share that post with everyone.

The Best/Worst Interview I Ever Had

A few years ago I took a year off of work. Once I wanted to go back into the workforce. I looked for jobs I thought I would find interesting. I didn’t want to go back into advertising, however almost all my experience was as a Studio Manager. I didn’t apply for any job only for jobs that I thought I would learn something from and that I thought the hours would have a good work/life balance.

One of the jobs I applied for was to be an assistant for a Fashion Designer. I actually went and bought new shoes for the interview because I didn’t think any of my shoes made the cut. Not only did I buy new shoes, but I straighten my hair. That doesn’t seem like a big deal, but with my hair that is a 2 hour job!

I walked into this loft that was completely painted white, it reminded me of what heaven’s admissions office would look like. The only thing that was out of place was the new designs hanging on a moving rack and me. The smell of microwave popcorn filled the loft. Only one person worked on the main floor. The girl I was there to try to replace and she greeted me and took me over to the middle of the room where my interview was about to start.

Three people came to interview me. The first question they asked me was to tell them about my previous job. I explained what my day to day use to be and they were extremely interested in the dealing with stock houses side as they knew some of the same contacts I did. I thought the interview was going well. The next thing I knew the “boss” put her hand on my shoulder and told me I was selling myself short. She said that I would be bored and that the only way she could hire me was if I could prove to her that I wouldn’t be. I pretty good at reading people and I knew that nothing I said would have changed her mind. I was typecast.

She asked me to wait and went back to her office and grabbed me a business card. It was for an ad agency, she told me to give them a call and tell them she would recommend me. I thanked her and left the interview, walked around the corner, down two flights of stairs and sat down. I was upset, angry and my feet were hurting from those stupid shoes. My phone rang, “how did the interview go?” that question lead to instant tears. At the time I felt really crappy and I gave up my search for switching career paths and started applying for jobs in advertising. Once I did, I found one pretty quickly. The place was amazing, the staff and my boss was great. It was a one year contract, but I was offered to stay on board. The only problem was I didn’t have a passion for it. It was work and hard work.

Now I’m in Montreal where my French skills make it impossible for me take the easy route. I’m working on things that will help me to be happy and to achieve my goals. I’m no longer telling people my goals because I don’t want to hear that I can’t do it or how hard it is going to be for me. Worse comes to worse, I fail and that isn’t the end of the world, it just means another beginning. That lady was right when she said I was selling myself short. It just took me a few years to realize that she wasn’t typecasting me, she just saw something in me that I didn’t see in myself.