Monthly Archives: July 2014

Finding Me

I haven’t blogged in a long time. On the positive side, I have been extremely busy. Let’s do a quick recap of my summer so far.

Mid June, I went to visit Toronto before heading off to Vegas to meet up with some people from Pocketfives and Pokerspace. As well as playing that game that I did well in that one time. The day before my flight I did some laundry…. The most expensive wash in my whole life. Inside a pair of pants were mine and Chris’ passport. Whoops. Can’t make every girl into a housewife. I took the passports into the passport office in Scarborough hoping that they can renew them for me… No, that would have been way too easy and obviously not a big enough lesson for me. Adding salt to the wound after being told that they could not replace them and that I would not be able to use them to travel with the security guard at the door says “don’t feel bad I once watched my iPod”…. Cool Story Brah, tell it again.

Fast forward… Three weeks in Toronto. I got to do a lot of visiting with my family and friends. I also stopped by my previous jobs in Toronto for visits and a great weekend in London. The problem was I missed Montreal. I missed my new home.

So here I am back in Montreal completely motivated and ready to start being productive. More blogging, watching more poker videos, more playing and now that my back does not hurt it is time to get back into shape.

Here is what I would include in my average daily routine to get started:

4 hours of playing 18 mans

1 hour of working out a day (30 mins strength/30 mins cardio)

3 healthy meals and 2 healthy snacks