Jump the Water is Warm.

You can’t learn to swim without jumping in the water. You can study as much as you want about a topic but you are never going to be an expert or even good at something until you do it for yourself. I love poker. I mostly play tournaments and sit-n-gos but haven’t really been playing. I don’t have a reason why, I want to play, it is just that the way my days are I have never been able to get in the volume to actually count for anything. So this week I’ve decided that I am going to start playing cash games.

Now to someone that has never played poker before they would think cash games and tournaments are the same things. They are not. Tournament players are taught to bully people. To use their chips as weapons to make the unsure fold. They make calls that are justified by or fold biased on ICM. Now I am working on doing the opposite. I am working on betting for value and making the hard folds. It is a challenge but this weekend I am going to jump right in. And by right in I mean….

Obviously the kiddy pool otherwise known as the micros.

My goal this weekend is 10K hands. That is kind of a lot for me. I’ve joined a challenge on pokervip to make it official and to give myself a little shame if I don’t complete it.


But that isn’t it. It is the time of year where mtt players pull out their hair and play games with tiny little buyins to fight in massive player fields for the chance at becoming a micro millionaire and I am not giving up on that dream just yet. So I will be adding some games on Pokerstars into my schedule. This is going to be a busy weekend. I am happy that it is freezing outside so I won’t be missing much except maybe some kid getting their tongue stuck to a pole.

And because everything should always finish in a song, I am ending with this.  Is it just me or doesn’t it sound like she is singing about poker?

oh btw I’m nutbreaker…thegirlacrosstable.

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