2013 the Year of Change

Last year at this time if you told me I would be living in Montreal I would laugh at you. If you said I would be going back to school I would have given you a dirty look. I am not even really sure how it all came to be. The plan was to live on the beach in Costa Rica.

Our house was sold and we headed to Vegas for our yearly trip at that point in time the plan was a week in Vegas followed by a stay at my parents until September and then off to Costa Rica for a few month adventure. That week trip to Vegas became a month adventure and I had enough of the heat. We still needed a change as we had given away or sold pretty much everything we owned so starting over was the only option we had. It was the right move for us. I’ve never been happier than I ever have the last 5 months.

Learning French has been hard for me but I am really proud of myself for not giving up and for trying. School is different when you are older you do it for yourself not because you feel you need to. I remember in high school taking tests to tell me what job I was suited for. When I look back at it I don’t know why I let 30 multiple choice questions pick my path. I envy the kids that took a year off to go backpacking across Europe before college and university. They learn experience no classroom can teach.

Anyways back to my year. Learning French in Montreal is really cheap about $80 for four months if you do well that is two levels. You are not just learning french, culture and gaining friendships with people that are fairly new to Montreal as well. The class is well worth the cost and the friendships are priceless. Most of your friends tend to be people that have something pretty large in common as a kid it could be that you both love softball as an adult you are both in the same industry or volunteer for the same causes and have such strong similarities. The best part about the friends I have made in Montreal is that we have nothing in common except we ended up in the same class. Everyone is unique and I’ve learned a lot from them and am glad that I have met them.