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Special Delivery

My new computer came today. The Gigabyte Brix I5. I am pretty excited to get it set up.

I ordered it from Was very surprised I got it so fast. 🙂


And Breath

After playing horribly for a few days I can finally breath a sigh of relif.

It is going to take me a while to move back up. I am going to spend most of this week grinding $2 flips in a game where majority of the 2+2 community thinks is unbeatable. I was headed down the same path but went back, looked at what I was doing wrong and found out that the answer was simple. I wasn’t being aggressive in the right spots and I was fast folding a lot of hands that should have been calls. I am going to continue working on the medium level this week even if that means I will not make the Leader Boad for the +edge . I am currently sitting at 28th

Not all of last week was horrible. I did make Diamond status and cashed in two of Full Tilt Pokers Adrenaline Rush Knock leader boards.

85th on the high for $45.
35th on the medium for $70.

Right now I am sitting pretty on this weeks Knockout Leader Board so I am hoping to do fairly well in it. I am not going to kill myself trying to make the top spots I would rather focus on 4 tables and keep my ev line on the + side so I can move back up.


Today’s graph.


Words Can’t Even Describe it.

First I would like to post that Full Tilt answered my email and added in the two +edge spots back to the leader board.

I am really not sure what I am doing wrong. I think I am just mentally mad at myself for the other day and am still on tilt. I hit my stop loss really early today so I am going to spend the evening making cookies and going over my hands to try to figure out what changed from the first 20+K hands and the last 30K. Either I’ve made bad adjustments or I am in stop loss tilt or confidence tilt either way I need to finish out this month and see if this game is for me or if I should go back to sitngos. I am not ready to give up just yet.

Tomorrow I am going to mix in one or two mtts just for a switch.


Not a good day.

The problem when you are in a down swing is if feels like you should tighten up and then you leave money on the table. This is when I get taken advantage of and it is no longer variance I am now just playing horrible.

I spent the night going over my hands and seeing why my ev line is plummeting. I still think the game is beatable but once again I am going to move down stakes until I get that graph going in the back right direction. I am not going to post my graph today because it is just painfully bad. I am so close to diamond status I might finish that out tonight during the last happy hour.

The Adrenaline Rush Leader Board on Full Tilt Poker seems like it won't be happening for me this month. They have removed the +edges from place 26 and 27 and have stuck to the top 25. I am a little annoyed with the fact that it changed on the 20th day of the leader board. I've wrote them an email with my thoughts and I am hoping they agree with me because it was posted up until the 20th of January I think they should honor it to whoever gets that spot. If they don't I can't be overly mad because they are running a lot of great promotions and I may not have made it to that spot anyways.

Tomorrow is a new day.

What a Shot

Because I am trying to move up the Adrenaline Rush leader board so I took a shot at the $2 cap game.

Needless to say I’ve moved back down stakes. Here is an updated graph.


Most memorable hand of the weekend.

Seat 1: Silent_0ne69 ($10)
Seat 2: nutbreakerLL ($44.62)
Seat 3: Stefan Hummla ($37.01)
Seat 4: dismarc ($18.84)
Silent_0ne69 posts the small blind of $0.50
nutbreakerLL posts the big blind of $1
The button is in seat #4

*** HOLE CARDS ***

Dealt to nutbreakerLL [2c Ac]

Stefan Hummla folds
dismarc folds
Silent_0ne69 raises to $10, and is capped
nutbreakerLL calls $9, and is capped
Silent_0ne69 shows [3c Kh]
nutbreakerLL shows [2c Ac]

*** FLOP *** [As 2d 2s] (Total Pot: $20, 2 Players, 2 All-In)

*** TURN *** [As 2d 2s] [Ks]

*** RIVER *** [As 2d 2s Ks] [Kd]

Silent_0ne69 shows a full house, Kings full of Twos
nutbreakerLL shows a full house, Twos full of Aces
Silent_0ne69 wins the pot ($19.34) with a full house, Kings full of Twos

I also hurt my shoulder, not because of that hand 🙂 so I took today as a light grind only played a few short sessions during happy hours. I will be back pounding those tables tomorrow. I hope to play enough to get diamond by end of day. Today I got my hair cut so it was still a productive day.:)

The Morning After

Hello doomswitch! I don’t know what it is but it seems every time I write a blog saying how well I am doing the poker gods come and beat some sense into me. I felt like giving up and normally I would have but I know this game is beatable and I knew going into it that I would have some variance. Today felt like I was running in circles.

I did what I tell others to do. I took a break watched an episode of Party of Five.

Don’t judge, I don’t have cable and Matthew fox has nice hair, thank you Netflix. After I got myself right back into that grind and started digging myself out of that hole.


I almost made it.

On the positive side I played over 6k hands, I’ve got my status level up to Platinum and I am also on the leader board. Not high on it but at least in contention. Over the next few days my goal is to climb that leader board, have diamond status by the end of the month oh and to get my hair done.


What an Adrenaline Rush.

I decided to take this semester off of school, I will be right back at it next semester before everyone is all don’t quit. In the mean time I am putting my time to good use and focusing really hard on poker.

Last week Full Tilt launched a new game called Adrenaline Rush – 4 handed, fast fold tables with 10bb caps and no call button. And I am loving it. I started at the 20 cent cap and have moved up to the 50 cent within the week. I am hoping to move up to 1 cap fully by next week. That would put me on pace to get my Black Card by in February and that is what I am working towards. I am doing this by trying to play the happy hours.

Here is my graph since January 10th so yeah for those that say it isn’t beatable you are wrong.

Of course when things are going great something always goes wrong. I use holdem manager for my stats and it really uses a lot of ram so we took it in to get upgraded. The guy at the store Benjamin,I will never ever forget his name because of one short conversation.

Him: If you leave your computer here I can put the memory in once the store closes.
Me: Sure, no problem. Just don’t give it away.
Him: No, we don’t do that.

Anyways after waiting a day and a half we got the computer back and it wouldn’t boot up… so back to my visit my favorite computer guy. In the mean time I’ve been borrowing Chris’ computer whenever he puts it down. So my computer is finally fixed and back at home but they were unable to upgrade the ram so all of that was for nothing. Looks like it is time for me to get a new computer and I am leaning towards. The gigabyte brix pro.

gigabrix pro

Bonne chance.

2014 – The Year of Living Up To My Potential

Last year I changed, this year I am settled and I am ready to do what I know I can. Ready set…. goals.

-20 minutes of cardio a day
-work out 3 times a week
-eat healthy with one cheat day

-I know i can do it now it is time to prove it.
-play 30 hours a week
-study 5 hours a week

– continue learning french

-blog at least once a month

I wish everyone a Happy New Year and hope that next year is the year for all of us.

2013 the Year of Change

Last year at this time if you told me I would be living in Montreal I would laugh at you. If you said I would be going back to school I would have given you a dirty look. I am not even really sure how it all came to be. The plan was to live on the beach in Costa Rica.

Our house was sold and we headed to Vegas for our yearly trip at that point in time the plan was a week in Vegas followed by a stay at my parents until September and then off to Costa Rica for a few month adventure. That week trip to Vegas became a month adventure and I had enough of the heat. We still needed a change as we had given away or sold pretty much everything we owned so starting over was the only option we had. It was the right move for us. I’ve never been happier than I ever have the last 5 months.

Learning French has been hard for me but I am really proud of myself for not giving up and for trying. School is different when you are older you do it for yourself not because you feel you need to. I remember in high school taking tests to tell me what job I was suited for. When I look back at it I don’t know why I let 30 multiple choice questions pick my path. I envy the kids that took a year off to go backpacking across Europe before college and university. They learn experience no classroom can teach.

Anyways back to my year. Learning French in Montreal is really cheap about $80 for four months if you do well that is two levels. You are not just learning french, culture and gaining friendships with people that are fairly new to Montreal as well. The class is well worth the cost and the friendships are priceless. Most of your friends tend to be people that have something pretty large in common as a kid it could be that you both love softball as an adult you are both in the same industry or volunteer for the same causes and have such strong similarities. The best part about the friends I have made in Montreal is that we have nothing in common except we ended up in the same class. Everyone is unique and I’ve learned a lot from them and am glad that I have met them.