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I miss the poker world – My build-up to Vegas/weight loss challenge

So I’ve kept my head down, got my life together and dealt with some depression and anxiety issues and now I feel better than I ever have. Well almost better. Dealing with mental health issues like depression is draining. For me it meant, getting on the right medicine and cognitive-behavioral therapy and disappearing. Whenever I fall into depression I gain a lot of weight. Last year I gained a whopping 42lbs. Crazy I know. My first reaction was to hate myself for doing that to my body, but I don’t. Not even a little bit. I did what was best for my mind and at the time it came with some weight gain. It has given me a goal.

I started my weight loss journey January 1st and I’ve already lost 22 lbs. I’m doing a form of a keto diet + some additional restrictions. Now that I’m in a routine with 0 cheating. I’m adding in my next goal.

A bankroll challenge for myself. Well not really a bankroll challenge, more like a get my ass to Vegas this summer challenge. I’m going to start this with $100 US and play the hero games on partypoker.com .  Why those games? Because they are crazy soft. Throughout my challenge, I am going to be giving myself some tier goals to keep it fun. However, if I don’t lose the rest of the weight I gained (20lbs) by June then I won’t be going to Vegas and that would be a shame.

My first tier goal (I’m calling it the bottom of the barrel tier) is $885 US that would be 7 days/airfare and hotel staying in old Vegas.I’ll be starting this March 1st.

I’ll be starting this March 1st.

My bankroll guidelines will be:

I really just want to bring the reason that I started playing poker back into my life and that is because I loved the game.

I have a lot of other goals that I want to get done this year. I’m adding them in slowly to build up routines but I am pretty sure it is going to be a crazy productive year for me.


And back to sngs/mtts

latest cash

A few things have changed for me this month. Adrenaline Rush doesn’t have the player pool for me to play it. I don’t want to be playing against the blackpros as they get 100% rakeback and the rest of the field is a few adrenaline rush regs. Rarely do I sit at a table with new players so I’m going to have to let go of that game for right not.

I just started a job working part time for BlueFirePoker. That means I’ve over loaded my mind watching a ton of training videos. That has not only given me back the love for mtts but improved my play. This job is probably the best job in the world for me not a second of it feels like work and hopefully I will end up crushing.

Last night I decided to convert some ftp points I have from playing cash into $26 mtt ticket and ended up chopping the game hu. When we started HU I asked him if he would like to make a deal he had me out chipped 2 to 1 and he said no. Last year I spent a fair bit of time playing hu hypers so once I beat him 10/11 hands and took over the chip lead he came back with EVEN CHOP. LOL. The asshole in me was tempted to say no but I know that more than 40% he is going to beat me and it was almost 3am.


This week I start jogging. I am getting ready to run my first 5k in May. I know that doesn’t seem far but I run funny.