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Everything You Do Can Lead To Something New.

The other day I took my first trampoline fitness class at Rebound Fitness. I was a little early and walked into this big loft building looking extremely lost. As I stared at the building directory trying to figure out where I was suppose to be a man stopped and asked me if I what company I was looking for. When I told him he told me that he showed me where my class was and told me that he was the owner of H2O MMA and they have a kickboxing class that I might be interested in and should come for the free session.

I actually did take one class about a year ago, but the pace was way too fast and I was extremely intimidated as most of the class was filled with guys that use that class as a part of their routine. I told him I would still come and check it out after my class.

The trampoline class was amazing. If you have ever taken a Power class before that is what this was but with a mix of the trampoline for added cardio. I was pretty nasty sweaty by the end of the class and still committed myself to skipping the bus and taking that 30 minute walking home. On the way out of class I went down and peeked in the H2O MMA gym. This place looked amazing. I wrote down the website.

On my walk home it got dark really fast. I had to cross train tracks that I don’t even remember crossing on my way to the class. I walked up to the flashing red lights and waited for the train to finish crossing. It seemed like an hour, I started to feel a little nervous as it hit me that I probably shouldn’t have been walking home that late at night alone.

When I got home, I took a look at the website.

“Women’s Only Kickboxing Bootcamp workouts are the best around at H2O Gym Montreal. Whether you want to learn self-defense, lose weight, improve cardio & fitness, or just sculpt your body, this class will do it for you. This is a safe, friendly, non-competitive class, designed for beginners, where learning and supporting each others goals is always #1.”

Add another class to my schedule. I am sold! Not only am I sold I am really excited about this class.

Had I not signed up for that trampoline class, I would have never come across the kickboxing class. Who knows what that kickboxing class will lead me to. Worst case I wasted an hour on something I don’t like or I make new friends, lose some weight while learning how to protect myself. After that, my new kickboxing class could lead to something else… Maybe Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

Social anxiety and social media contests

The last few weeks a lot of people haven’t heard much from me. Mostly because I qualified for a chance of a lifetime. The chance to be Andre Akkari’s Protege. If I am picked as his protege I would win private training from him, tickets into 3 wcoop events including the main event. Plus, the protege that makes the most money playing those tickets will win a PCA package.

Step 1 – Come in the top two of his qualifier MTTs

Step 2 – Create a video as to why he should pick you.

Now, this is way out of my comfort zone. Over the last two weeks I have debated not doing the video. Mostly because my anxiety. As silly as it sounds. I don’t really like people seeing me, rather the thought of being judged, I guess. So why did I torture myself to finish the video and upload it. Simple, the opportunity is too good to not try and my fear is illogical.

It isn’t winning or losing because I’ve already won.

I’ve already conquered one of my biggest fears. Will I be doing video blogs anytime soon. Hell no, but just a few months ago someone asked me to do a video endorsement for them and I had to say no. The thought of being seen made me feel sick. Only time will tell how I feel once people actually watch the video.

Another win was because I was working on this video I learned a new program, after effects. I could have paid someone about $15 an hour to help me using a freelancer site, it would have looked much better but I wouldn’t have done it myself.

The rest is up to André and Pokerstars if I make it to the next step.

Here is the sneak preview.

Why Aren’t There More Women In Poker?

It is that time of year ladies. Comes around every spring. Guys start writing “Why aren’t their more women in poker?” They do extensive research into our minds without us even knowing it.


Myth #1: We care about the Royal Flush Girls.

It doesn’t bug us that WPT has the RFGs. We get that they are models. What does offend us is when girls that work hard are overshadowed by someone that they bring because of the way she looks and act like she is a poker player. If you want to use a girl to promote your brand fine but don’t pretend that she is a poker player unless she really is. Keep the models and players apart.

Myth #2: We are not brought up to be competitive.

I am going to use my beautiful niece Raegan as an example here. My niece does competitive dancing. She practices every day. She eats healthy and she has given it her all. She recently won a scholarship. Anyone says she hasn’t been taught to be competitive is just wrong. Even when I was a kid. I played softball and was on the schools swim team. I wanted to win. No one tries to come in second. That notion is just absurd.

Myth #3: Guys treat us bad that is why we don’t play.

Most guys are a pleasure to play against. But I will give some merit that this is in our heads. We have been told this will happen. It starts when boyfriends have poker nights where they don’t want their girlfriends at. Poker rooms goals should be to get female players into play their first game. We can handle being called sweetheart and guys looking at our chest. We all went to high school and have dealt with it before. It isn’t what is keeping us away from the game.

So why don’t more women play? My theory is simple.

It isn’t advertised to us. Most of the ads are created by men for men.

Safety. I live in Montreal I wish I could play more live games but a lot of the games in my area happen starting at 7 pm going until 3 am+. That means I have to take a $50 cab ride home. Supplying a shuttle bus for events that end late the downtown core would entice me go play more.

Lack of ladies games. The first question that is asked when someone brings up having a ladies game is, Will we get enough ladies? The answer is… YES. Poker rooms and casinos should try putting these together. It is a great way to get those women that are a little reluctant to play live. It is more social and a great way for the staff of the room to show women that they are welcome and that it is a friendly environment. The game sells itself once you have played. Just get us at the table that first time.

Why poker is more than a game.

I am writing this blog specifically for you those fighting to stop ipoker. I want to show you why online poker is more than just a game. Four years ago I wrote this blog on a poker social network.

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog about my rough patch. A month ago I had been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. After months of feeling down, hiding panic attacks and endless crying. I went to see a shrink that I had visited in the past. The moment she looked at me she told me, that I was sick and I needed to see a doctor. After careful decision, I decided to take the medication that the doctor prescribed, and try to continue working. I tried to hide this from my family and friends as for some reason I had felt like I had failed. All came crashing down one day when I had a panic attack that I couldn’t control. I was sent home on a two week vacation to get myself together. During that two weeks, I had countless doctor and shrink appointments.

I have now been off work for almost a month. I have started to sleep, and eat again. The rest will slowly get back to normal I hope and I will be able to return to work.

Why am I telling you this? Because I need to, I feel like it will help me come to terms and stopped feeling ashamed of what I’ve turned into. Right now I don’t want to go outside and face the world, I just want to stay at home. Poker seems to be the only thing that I enjoy, but I really want to get back to going to the gym, I just can’t bring myself to run into anyone yet. The last two days, I have had a extra hard time and also thought this might help.

I received countless replies both private and on the forum. That made my life a little easier to live. To this day when I play poker online I know I am doing something great for my mind. It gets a workout. I get to practice thinking logically. Not to mention the amount of amazing people that I would have never had the chance to interact with had I not joined a poker forum. A few months later I was back at work. I still played poker at night and on weekends and was getting ready for my first ever trip to Vegas. A member of that forum had won a trip but couldn’t go so they gave me the tournament buyin portion of the prize.

Since then I go to Vegas once a year. In 2012 I final tabled the Ladies WSOP. None of this would have happened if I didn’t learn to play poker online. Just another great experience I got to have because of online poker.

Online poker players are not criminals. You keep trying to paint us all as these evil money hungry scammers. We aren’t. We just found something in life that we enjoy that happens to have money as a reward if we work hard on our game. If you want to know why we take your campaign against us so personally. It is personal, you are calling me a criminal. You don’t play poker so you can’t possibly understand how this game is truly a wonderful thing.

Do people try to cheat? Yes. They do that in Brick and Mortar games also. In the past sites have caught cheaters, banned them and returned the money to players that were cheated from. So don’t paint the online poker world as something that pushes it under the rug. They don’t. We have communities that callout scum and sites have security departments that are on the lookout for odd behavior. Cheating happens in every industry. People try to cut corners or gain an unfair advantage. With your logic every business that money switches from person to person should be illegal. Just in case.

So far I have found all the propaganda you have been spewing about online gambling disgusting. It is like watching and reading examples from bad marketing book on scare tactics. This last Youtube ad on underage player is a perfect example of how you don’t know what you are fighting against and are uniformed. Not only was this posted but the comments were all deleted. So much for having a voice? I took the time to watch your video you can have the respect not to delete my comment. I didn’t say anything vulgar just my opinion.

I don’t know what you have a passion for but everyone needs something like online poker has been for me. It has helped not only improve my life but has given me opportunities that others wish they had they had and the courage to take them. Just imagine if someone had the power to take away your dream. Or do you deserve happiness more than me?

And back to sngs/mtts

latest cash

A few things have changed for me this month. Adrenaline Rush doesn’t have the player pool for me to play it. I don’t want to be playing against the blackpros as they get 100% rakeback and the rest of the field is a few adrenaline rush regs. Rarely do I sit at a table with new players so I’m going to have to let go of that game for right not.

I just started a job working part time for BlueFirePoker. That means I’ve over loaded my mind watching a ton of training videos. That has not only given me back the love for mtts but improved my play. This job is probably the best job in the world for me not a second of it feels like work and hopefully I will end up crushing.

Last night I decided to convert some ftp points I have from playing cash into $26 mtt ticket and ended up chopping the game hu. When we started HU I asked him if he would like to make a deal he had me out chipped 2 to 1 and he said no. Last year I spent a fair bit of time playing hu hypers so once I beat him 10/11 hands and took over the chip lead he came back with EVEN CHOP. LOL. The asshole in me was tempted to say no but I know that more than 40% he is going to beat me and it was almost 3am.


This week I start jogging. I am getting ready to run my first 5k in May. I know that doesn’t seem far but I run funny.

Last week

I didn’t play as much as I wanted to last week, but I did manage to get in 10K hands.

Last week

This graph pretty much tells me that I am missing something. I moved back up to the .25/.50 my EV line took a nosedive. The thought is that I would be that I would be beating the game for 1 per 100 pre rakeback. I am going to spend sometime going over the difference in player stats tomorrow and hopefully plug some leaks.

Still Grinding

I didn’t play a lot the last few days. I haven’t been feeling well. Not in the way that most people don’t feel good. Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week. As my friends and family know I deal with depression and anxiety. I am happy that Mental Health is becoming talked about more but for me last week it made my mind race and that made me unable to play or do things that I normally do.

I posted this on my Facebook and tweeted and I thank all my friends and family that did also.


For those that saw it and didn’t I don’t really understand why you didn’t. I am not trying to be rude I just don’t think people understand how big of an issue it is.

Did you know that the chances of having a mental illness in your lifetime are 1 in 5? That is reason enough to talk about it.

…. So I didn’t play much the last 8 days and that cost me the +edge.


For those of you that work. Below is my what I would consider my time sheet. It shows how little I have played the last little while.

haventplayed a lot

But I was able to still cash in the Adrenaline Rush Knockout Board even with my drop in


Yesterday I met up with a friend for lunch. I went to the famous Schwartz Deli http://schwartzsdeli.com. A must if you are visiting Montreal. Normally they have a huge line to get in but it is worth the wait. We had a smoked meat sandwich, so amazingly yummy. After lunch I walked up Mt. Royal and got a manicure. A perfect day.

I played a fair bit today and I am ready to get back to the grind.

And Breath

After playing horribly for a few days I can finally breath a sigh of relif.

It is going to take me a while to move back up. I am going to spend most of this week grinding $2 flips in a game where majority of the 2+2 community thinks is unbeatable. I was headed down the same path but went back, looked at what I was doing wrong and found out that the answer was simple. I wasn’t being aggressive in the right spots and I was fast folding a lot of hands that should have been calls. I am going to continue working on the medium level this week even if that means I will not make the Leader Boad for the +edge . I am currently sitting at 28th

Not all of last week was horrible. I did make Diamond status and cashed in two of Full Tilt Pokers Adrenaline Rush Knock leader boards.

85th on the high for $45.
35th on the medium for $70.

Right now I am sitting pretty on this weeks Knockout Leader Board so I am hoping to do fairly well in it. I am not going to kill myself trying to make the top spots I would rather focus on 4 tables and keep my ev line on the + side so I can move back up.


Today’s graph.


Words Can’t Even Describe it.

First I would like to post that Full Tilt answered my email and added in the two +edge spots back to the leader board.

I am really not sure what I am doing wrong. I think I am just mentally mad at myself for the other day and am still on tilt. I hit my stop loss really early today so I am going to spend the evening making cookies and going over my hands to try to figure out what changed from the first 20+K hands and the last 30K. Either I’ve made bad adjustments or I am in stop loss tilt or confidence tilt either way I need to finish out this month and see if this game is for me or if I should go back to sitngos. I am not ready to give up just yet.

Tomorrow I am going to mix in one or two mtts just for a switch.