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Starting my own side hustle: month two (with stats)

July was kinda a funky month!

Things started off slow then BAMB…
I made a few sales….

Then BAMB again….
My Glowforge Pro broke 💀💀💀

Pro tip: If you are running a laser engraving business, ya gonna need to have a working laser engraver.

Side note: I am upset that my Glowforge broke so quickly but they are sending me a brand new one and support has been helpful. It does show the need to put money aside for a backup laser if I am to continue to grow this business.

Let’s take a look what happened in my Etsy store for July 2021:

  • On July 24th I turned off all ads
  • On July 27th I put my store on “Holiday Mode” as my Glowforge stopped working. It isn’t fun just stopping a business you are excited about. This does show me the urgent need for a backup machine if I am to grow this business.

My Etsy Stats:

If it wasn’t for the Mountain Wall art sale it would have been a pretty sad month.

My life time Etsy stats:

What Created With Us did different last month

  • Raised our prices to be part of Etsy’s Free shipping guarantee to the US. (It is suppose to give you priority spots in the marketplace)
  • Promoted a few ads on Pinterest
  • Added 8 products to the store
  • Started a pattern site
  • Shut down completely for the last week of the month

What steps are we taking in August to grow CreatedwithUs.com

I’m kinda on hold until my new Glowforge arrives. Hopefully it is here soon and I can continue to hustle.

Hope your side hustles are doing well

Lesley – Sad cause she can not any fish right now. 😦