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And back to sngs/mtts

latest cash

A few things have changed for me this month. Adrenaline Rush doesn’t have the player pool for me to play it. I don’t want to be playing against the blackpros as they get 100% rakeback and the rest of the field is a few adrenaline rush regs. Rarely do I sit at a table with new players so I’m going to have to let go of that game for right not.

I just started a job working part time for BlueFirePoker. That means I’ve over loaded my mind watching a ton of training videos. That has not only given me back the love for mtts but improved my play. This job is probably the best job in the world for me not a second of it feels like work and hopefully I will end up crushing.

Last night I decided to convert some ftp points I have from playing cash into $26 mtt ticket and ended up chopping the game hu. When we started HU I asked him if he would like to make a deal he had me out chipped 2 to 1 and he said no. Last year I spent a fair bit of time playing hu hypers so once I beat him 10/11 hands and took over the chip lead he came back with EVEN CHOP. LOL. The asshole in me was tempted to say no but I know that more than 40% he is going to beat me and it was almost 3am.


This week I start jogging. I am getting ready to run my first 5k in May. I know that doesn’t seem far but I run funny.

Last week

I didn’t play as much as I wanted to last week, but I did manage to get in 10K hands.

Last week

This graph pretty much tells me that I am missing something. I moved back up to the .25/.50 my EV line took a nosedive. The thought is that I would be that I would be beating the game for 1 per 100 pre rakeback. I am going to spend sometime going over the difference in player stats tomorrow and hopefully plug some leaks.

Still Grinding

I didn’t play a lot the last few days. I haven’t been feeling well. Not in the way that most people don’t feel good. Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week. As my friends and family know I deal with depression and anxiety. I am happy that Mental Health is becoming talked about more but for me last week it made my mind race and that made me unable to play or do things that I normally do.

I posted this on my Facebook and tweeted and I thank all my friends and family that did also.


For those that saw it and didn’t I don’t really understand why you didn’t. I am not trying to be rude I just don’t think people understand how big of an issue it is.

Did you know that the chances of having a mental illness in your lifetime are 1 in 5? That is reason enough to talk about it.

…. So I didn’t play much the last 8 days and that cost me the +edge.


For those of you that work. Below is my what I would consider my time sheet. It shows how little I have played the last little while.

haventplayed a lot

But I was able to still cash in the Adrenaline Rush Knockout Board even with my drop in


Yesterday I met up with a friend for lunch. I went to the famous Schwartz Deli http://schwartzsdeli.com. A must if you are visiting Montreal. Normally they have a huge line to get in but it is worth the wait. We had a smoked meat sandwich, so amazingly yummy. After lunch I walked up Mt. Royal and got a manicure. A perfect day.

I played a fair bit today and I am ready to get back to the grind.

And Breath

After playing horribly for a few days I can finally breath a sigh of relif.

It is going to take me a while to move back up. I am going to spend most of this week grinding $2 flips in a game where majority of the 2+2 community thinks is unbeatable. I was headed down the same path but went back, looked at what I was doing wrong and found out that the answer was simple. I wasn’t being aggressive in the right spots and I was fast folding a lot of hands that should have been calls. I am going to continue working on the medium level this week even if that means I will not make the Leader Boad for the +edge . I am currently sitting at 28th

Not all of last week was horrible. I did make Diamond status and cashed in two of Full Tilt Pokers Adrenaline Rush Knock leader boards.

85th on the high for $45.
35th on the medium for $70.

Right now I am sitting pretty on this weeks Knockout Leader Board so I am hoping to do fairly well in it. I am not going to kill myself trying to make the top spots I would rather focus on 4 tables and keep my ev line on the + side so I can move back up.


Today’s graph.