Mixing tennis and poker

This guy is putting in some hard work and it is paying off.


Well, for few weeks I have been on the “tour” as they call it. This will probably be one of my last tennis trips as a professional tennis player. Feeling kinda sad, but at the same time pretty happy when I am seeing all the players practicing and giving everything they got just to make a living from tennis (which is one of the hardest job to make it, imo).. I just know at this moment I cant do that anymore when I know that the % of people who makes it are slim to none and the work you have to do to get there is HARD and when you just dont have the same passion as you had few years ago. So far I haven’t got any big success in these few tournaments, right now I am playing in Estonia. Got atleast 1 atp point in Estonia, and I will…

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