I Am Stronger Because I Post

Every time I post I feel stronger, in control, motivated, but most importantly I feel hope. I normally post after I feel sad, not today! This last month has been amazing. From visits from my family, hosting a Halloween get together last night and working towards my goals. Every puzzle piece seems to be fitting into place even if I have to force it. I feel healthier, stronger, but most important I am happy.

My first weight loss challenge is almost over, with one week to go I have stopped losing weight the last little while. I am not sure if it is because I have been working out and have gained from that or if my diet is missing something. I am going to be working my ass off this next week, hoping to still make my goal. I guess it is time to step up that Cardio as well as going to my kickboxing class. I was fairly good with what I ate the last few weeks, but I could still improve on my healthy meals. 

Last night I hosted a Halloween Masquerade Party and had a well-deserved cheat day, even as a cheat day I still paid attention to what I was eating as I didn’t want to go crazy and ruin the work on myself that I have done.

Still being fairly new to Montreal and I don’t know that many people. This made it more important to me to share a fun night with the amazing friends that I have made so far here in Montreal. Halloween is my favorite time of the year and that made it the perfect time to invite them over.

WPT Montreal is coming to Playground Poker in November. I am looking forward to playing two side events. Event The Wild $150 with a 100k guaranteed and the $250 Frenzy a 200K guaranteed prize pool.

This next month my main focus is on my health, losing weight and getting toned. Secondary focus will be working on my PLO game and third will be a creative activity for my mind that is yet to be determined, any suggestions?

If anyone has some healthy tips to help me with my goals or PLO please share them with me or if you post about how blogging has helped you let me know so I can follow your blog.

2 thoughts on “I Am Stronger Because I Post

  1. Joseph (@Joeingram1)

    Usually people tend to stop losing weight when they are working towards it because there diet slips up and it isn’t quite as good as you think it has been. I would probably try to really focus on that first before I would add in more cardio (although more cardio is always good). Its hard but have to remind yourself that if I don’t put all my focus into it, a few bad days of eating will wipe out weeks of progress.

    In terms of getting better at PLO which is one of the most magical things I could ever hear someone say… 1. watch my plo podcasts obviously 2. put in hours playing 3. run it once videos and if you dont have a subscritption read over HHs posted in there

    I would suggest some creative activities similar to the ones I am working at right now but I think the only REAL creative on e is dancing, which is not only a place you can really use creativity but also cardio! I don’t usually reply to random blog posts but you touched on 3 of my biggest obsessions right now, gym/diet, plooo and creativity

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  2. helen0725

    You should check your BMI and see if you gained some muscle mass. It is common to gain some muscle while kickboxing. Do not give up and let yourself enjoy those cheat days and I bet you will be on the right track. Good luck, I know it can be hard.



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