I haven’t written a blog in a while. The reason why is I hurt my back again and that makes me incredibility bitchy. :/ More so because I was/am ready to get back into shape. I’m eating fairly healthy. Except I am a still a member of the poutine a month club. I registered for a 5k months ago and I am not ready to give up on the run. So yesterday I did something I should have done a long time ago. I bought a back brace and I am going to start training. It isn’t a sexy look but hey it has helped me feel like I can again. 🙂

I am also looking for a new apartment. My lease is up at the end of June so I am starting the search now. Not that I don’t love the place I am living in but I like change and I think I can find something a little more economic.

Other than the back pain March has been a great month. My sister came to visit. We took my niece to get her grad dress. She is going to look beautiful. Went out a few nights with some friends from French class. Cashed in a live event. Not a great cash but I personally think I played great. I lost majority of my chips with AA all in pre flop against another 20ish bb stack. After that I just did the only thing I could do. Actually I tried to do what I should do and that would have been fold till the money. UTG I looked down at 66 with my 4bb stack and pushed my chips in the middle knowing that I should be folding but I just couldn’t stand blinding away. Just as I did the bubble burst. Good timing!