Still Grinding

I didn’t play a lot the last few days. I haven’t been feeling well. Not in the way that most people don’t feel good. Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week. As my friends and family know I deal with depression and anxiety. I am happy that Mental Health is becoming talked about more but for me last week it made my mind race and that made me unable to play or do things that I normally do.

I posted this on my Facebook and tweeted and I thank all my friends and family that did also.


For those that saw it and didn’t I don’t really understand why you didn’t. I am not trying to be rude I just don’t think people understand how big of an issue it is.

Did you know that the chances of having a mental illness in your lifetime are 1 in 5? That is reason enough to talk about it.

…. So I didn’t play much the last 8 days and that cost me the +edge.


For those of you that work. Below is my what I would consider my time sheet. It shows how little I have played the last little while.

haventplayed a lot

But I was able to still cash in the Adrenaline Rush Knockout Board even with my drop in


Yesterday I met up with a friend for lunch. I went to the famous Schwartz Deli A must if you are visiting Montreal. Normally they have a huge line to get in but it is worth the wait. We had a smoked meat sandwich, so amazingly yummy. After lunch I walked up Mt. Royal and got a manicure. A perfect day.

I played a fair bit today and I am ready to get back to the grind.

2 thoughts on “Still Grinding

  1. Tino

    I hear ya nutters. Its the biggest problem I face in my daily routines. I never have 2 days the same and it really screws with my head because there is never a reason for it. I just smile and do what I can to get through. People dont want to listen to me whinging on about issues of the mind because most dont know the first thing about it so its kinda understandable. The panic attacks are the worst and the meds just made it worse, so I am trying to use some herbal methods with mixed results so far.

    Happy grinding, if there is such a thing 😉


    1. nutbreaker Post author

      If you ever need someone to talk to about feel free to message me. I am also not on medication anymore. Sometimes I think about going back on it because it is easier but I personally didn’t like how little I cared about consequences when I was taking them. They helped me to just do what I wanted to feel content. At the time that is what I needed. Now I need to be me. I also didn’t like the feeling I got when I woke up. I recently started using rescue remedy a few drops in my water, writing a journal and affirmation statements during attacks. Therapy sessions when needed.



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