Not a good day.

The problem when you are in a down swing is if feels like you should tighten up and then you leave money on the table. This is when I get taken advantage of and it is no longer variance I am now just playing horrible.

I spent the night going over my hands and seeing why my ev line is plummeting. I still think the game is beatable but once again I am going to move down stakes until I get that graph going in the back right direction. I am not going to post my graph today because it is just painfully bad. I am so close to diamond status I might finish that out tonight during the last happy hour.

The Adrenaline Rush Leader Board on Full Tilt Poker seems like it won't be happening for me this month. They have removed the +edges from place 26 and 27 and have stuck to the top 25. I am a little annoyed with the fact that it changed on the 20th day of the leader board. I've wrote them an email with my thoughts and I am hoping they agree with me because it was posted up until the 20th of January I think they should honor it to whoever gets that spot. If they don't I can't be overly mad because they are running a lot of great promotions and I may not have made it to that spot anyways.

Tomorrow is a new day.