The Morning After

Hello doomswitch! I don’t know what it is but it seems every time I write a blog saying how well I am doing the poker gods come and beat some sense into me. I felt like giving up and normally I would have but I know this game is beatable and I knew going into it that I would have some variance. Today felt like I was running in circles.

I did what I tell others to do. I took a break watched an episode of Party of Five.

Don’t judge, I don’t have cable and Matthew fox has nice hair, thank you Netflix. After I got myself right back into that grind and started digging myself out of that hole.


I almost made it.

On the positive side I played over 6k hands, I’ve got my status level up to Platinum and I am also on the leader board. Not high on it but at least in contention. Over the next few days my goal is to climb that leader board, have diamond status by the end of the month oh and to get my hair done.