What an Adrenaline Rush.

I decided to take this semester off of school, I will be right back at it next semester before everyone is all don’t quit. In the mean time I am putting my time to good use and focusing really hard on poker.

Last week Full Tilt launched a new game called Adrenaline Rush – 4 handed, fast fold tables with 10bb caps and no call button. And I am loving it. I started at the 20 cent cap and have moved up to the 50 cent within the week. I am hoping to move up to 1 cap fully by next week. That would put me on pace to get my Black Card by in February and that is what I am working towards. I am doing this by trying to play the happy hours.

Here is my graph since January 10th so yeah for those that say it isn’t beatable you are wrong.

Of course when things are going great something always goes wrong. I use holdem manager for my stats and it really uses a lot of ram so we took it in to get upgraded. The guy at the store Benjamin,I will never ever forget his name because of one short conversation.

Him: If you leave your computer here I can put the memory in once the store closes.
Me: Sure, no problem. Just don’t give it away.
Him: No, we don’t do that.

Anyways after waiting a day and a half we got the computer back and it wouldn’t boot up… so back to my visit my favorite computer guy. In the mean time I’ve been borrowing Chris’ computer whenever he puts it down. So my computer is finally fixed and back at home but they were unable to upgrade the ram so all of that was for nothing. Looks like it is time for me to get a new computer and I am leaning towards. The gigabyte brix pro.

gigabrix pro

Bonne chance.